Thursday, June 22, 2006

or the maximum of minimalism

I found that nice tool on and started to try it out. It looks quite easy, but then.. I fail on the cell-number :(

The Look and Feel of the web-app looks simple and clear, but for my opinion made it a little bit too simple and clear ;)

On the first look it's interesting, that the whole description of the application is written under each input field. That has a kind of new feeling to me. A Webapp with (almost) one side :)
But what, if that is not enough for me? In my case: Which kind of numbers are supported?

Besides a more significant error message, I miss a How to.. or Help function.
It could have been easy, if
  • they've told me which number is being supported
  • and if they wouldn't have deleted my input fields (aargh)
All in all the approach looks cool, but for my opinion the design process is not yet completely finished.


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